Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Harga Rakitan : PC Intel termurah

ASRock G31M-VS
V-Gen 1GB DDR2
Hardisk 160GB
VGA and Sound Onboard
Samsung DVD RW
Standart Casing
Mouse and keyboard Logitech

Intel Pentium E5300 Wolfdale Core Duo 2.6GHz - BOX                   Rp.2.250.000
Intel Pentium E5400 Wolfdale Core Duo 2.7GHz - BOX                   Rp.2.300.000
Intel Core2 Duo E7500 Wolfdale 2.93GHz - BOX                            Rp.2.750.000
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 Yorkfield 2.5GHz - BOX                          Rp.2.950.000
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 Yorkfield 2.66GHz -BOX                         Rp.3.250.000  
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 Yorkfield 3.0GHz - BOX                          Rp.4.680.000

Note : Harga PC tanpa Monitor daftar harga monitor ada dibawah

Harga Monitor LCD : 
LG W1642S (15.6")         : Rp.1.000.000               
LG L177WSB (17.")        : Rp.1.350.000               
LG W1953S  (18.5")        : Rp.1.230.000            
LG L1942 (19")                :Rp.1.700.000              
LG W2253S (22")             :Rp.2.325.000              
LG W2252TE (22")           :Rp.2.730.000             

SAMSUNG 933SN (19")             : Rp.1.230.000
SAMSUNG 943SNX (19")            :Rp.1.235.000
SAMSUNG P2050 (20")                :Rp.2.000.000
SAMSUNG P2070 (20")                :Rp.2.150.000
SAMSUNG 226BW Black (22")     :Rp.2.100.000
SAMSUNG 2232GW (22")             Rp.2.130.000
SAMSUNG P2350 (23")                  Rp.2.850.000
SAMSUNG P2370 (23:)                   Rp.3.150.000

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